Children move into the Top end pre-school from Toddlers around their 3rd birthday and remain there until they leave to start school. 


The top end area has a large playroom and its own quiet room. Top end children share a bathroom and the main garden with toddlers

Eating, sleeping and personal care

Children are provided snack and a hot meal whilst at nursery which is included in the fees alongside nappies and wipes. 

Top end children who require a nap are offered this around 1:00pm. 

Top end has toilets and a nappy changing area meaning they can cater for all children and their individual stages of development. 

Nursery asks parents to supply a spare set of clothes as we like to explore anything from messy play right up to gardening! 

Activities and development

Throughout the day the children experience the outside garden area which includes the offer of gardening and a creation station alongside the physical equipment allowing children to explore risk and problem solve with the help of an adult. 

Staff endeavour to support the interests of each child in choosing appropriate activities. The room is set into areas for the children to access independently, these areas include a separate room for the home area, playdough table, water, sand and arts and crafts. 

Music-go-round come to the nursery on Tuesday mornings at no extra charge, the cost for this is covered by fundraising activities. 

We help to prepare our children for school, particularly in the 9 months leading up to the start of school. We like to ensure that our children are independent in self-care and can join in with small group times such as a story to mirror experiences they may have at school.