Children move from the Baby room into the Toddler room when they turn 2 years old, and stay in Toddlers until their 3rd birthday. They then move to the Top end (pre-school).


The toddler area has a large playroom and its own sleep room. Toddlers share a bathroom and the Main garden with the Top end (pre-school) children. 

Eating, sleeping and personal care

We have a separate sleep room which has sleeping mats for each child. Children nap together from 12.45pm, if required. Toddlers who no longer have a nap can join the top end to have a play. We have access to our own nappy changing area and toilets to support children when they start to toilet train. 

All nappy’s wipes and creams are included in the fees alongside, a snack in the morning and a hot meal at lunch time. 

Activities and development

We have continuous provision meaning each area is set with resources to encourage children to use their imagination and interpret these how they wish. 

Children are taken out to the main garden as the weather allows. We have wellington boots and ask that parents send their children into nursery with a coat suitable for the weather. We do also take our children out for walks around the campus. 

Toddlers have a large area with continuous provision including home area, construction area, books, sand, a creation station, playdough table, loose parts, and small world.