Halloween – Baby Room

We would like to thank all parents that passed along their child’s favourite songs for our Halloween disco. The suggestions went down a spooky treat 🙂 We loved being in our costumes it was so exciting to see everyone dressed up. Other activities and how we made them included
• Pumpkin plates- to create them we used a glue stick and orange and black tissue paper cut into shapes. Abbie and I applied the glue, the rest was the children’s work .
• Ghost feet bunting- Using black paper and white paint we painted the baby’s feet and placed them into the paper and drew on faces.
• Spider hands- we used both of the baby’s hands to create the shape and legs of the spiders and let them stick on the eyes.
• Monster rice krispies cakes- by taking it in turns we mixed in the melted freefrom milk chocolate into the free from rice krispies. Placed them into cupcake cases to set in the fridge. Once set, we drizzled free from white chocolate on top and added decorations.
The Halloween disco was a great success and with the appearance of our best friend Disco Dog who was dressed up as a witch to dance along to all our favourite songs.

Diwali 14th November
what have we got planned I hear you ask?
We are going to be doing:
• Colourful Firework painting.
• Icing biscuits in a variety of different colours.
• Listening to happy Diwali songs and sounds.
• Decorations around the room with vibrant materials and texture for the children to feel and see.
Looking forward to all of these activities to celebrate Diwali.