Child Wellbeing

We are currently in the process of updating our website, we appreciate that some of the information is out of date and therefore apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We aim to be up and running as quickly as possible and would like to thank you for your patience at this time. For further information, please contact the nursery office on 01908 653867 or alternatively email



Nursery can only be accessed by our own Swipe Card System. Cards are strictly issued to staff, parents and nominated carers only.

There are two entrances into the Nursery: Gate 1 - baby room entrance, and Gate 2 - the main entrance.

The intercom and bell are for visitors and maintenance. Please remember each time you use the intercom it takes a member of staff away from your children.

Mobile Phones

Parents and Visitors are not permitted to use mobile phones on our premises.

Health & Safety

The Nursery aims to maintain high standards of health, hygiene and safety, and the co-operation of parents is essential in this. We have trained first aiders on site in case of accidents.

It is not normal practice for Nursery staff to take responsibility for giving children prescribed medicines while they are at the Nursery.

The nursery's policy for sickness and diarrhoea is a strict 48 hours must elapse after the last time the child was ill before they can return to the Nursery.

In the case of childhood infectious diseases we ask that you observe minimum isolation periods. For upto date advice please visit The Health Protection Agency's website.

Accidents & Injury
Minor bumps and scrapes are inevitable accidents in the life of young children, and we cannot entirely prevent these. However, all play that involves risks is always supervised. Accidents are noted in the accident book and parents are informed and asked to sign in the book.

The Nursery has insurance cover against accidents sustained by children. Children are also covered by the University's own third-party insurance.

Contact Information
It is extremely important that Parents/Guardians of children at the Nursery ensure that their personal contact details are correct. It is your responsibility to inform the Nursery of any changes in these details. Failure to do so could result in lost time trying to contact you in case of an Emergency situation arising.

Head Lice
Head lice are unfortunately a common problem but regular checking and immediate action can quickly get rid of the nuisance and prevent it from spreading. The NHS Choices website offers advice on the subject.

NHS Choices
The NHS Choices website is a useful resource.

Policies and procedures - currently being updated