Age Groups

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Our Nursery is equipped and staffed to provide for children up to the age of compulsory schooling. The Nursery's children are grouped into three age bands:

Baby Room

We cater for babies from 3 months old, they stay within this area until approximately 18 months old.

Our unit is 'self contained' with a seperate sleep room, nappy change area and kitchen facilities.

Baby Room
Sleep room

Toddler Area


The toddler area caters for a mixed age group approximately 16/18 months to approximately 3 years.

There is a large play area for the toddlers, and a seperate room which is used for the afternoon nap.

Activities are planned around the children's development stages supporting and encouraging age appropriate progression.


Top End Area

Our Top End area is a mixed age group and largest group of children in nursery. Children stay in this area until school age.

Through a wide variety of activites (adult and child led) our children begin the preparation for school.

Throughout the day the children experience free-flow play which incorporates the outdoor area and access across the main body of the nursery for our Toddlers and Top Enders.

Snack and mealtimes are social occassions, babies and toddlers come together to eat, the older children eat in their own area.

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